Hiring hourly workers is a top priority for restaurants as they rely heavily on their staff to provide efficient and quality customer service, which ultimately impacts their reputation and bottom line. Nobody knows more about this today than the team at Seoul Taco who are going through their hyper growth phase.

Join this webinar and be among the first to learn about:

  • The “Wall of scale” – and how to get beyond it.
  • Working inside vs. working on restaurants.
  • Designing the roadmap for scaling (the next stage).
  • Use of data in recruitment.
  • Redundancy planning.                                              

Vivian Wang | CEO, Landed                                              
Rachel Fechter | Operations Director, Seoul Taco                                              
Patrick Dailey | Chief Financial Officer, Seoul Taco                                              
Charlie Pogacar | Custom Content Associate Editor, Moderator, QSR