You’re paying for applicants you’ll likely never talk to. Yet, job boards are happy to keep taking your money in this “click-to-apply culture” since their profits depend on your constant need to hire.

What if we told you that you could easily revive interest from the applicant pool you’ve already paid for and save thousands of dollars on sourcing? Join us as we share how you can start re-engaging applicants today and see how an 8-location McDonald’s group got 121 applicants in 6 days with $0 spent on ads!

Zach Matook | Director of Marketing, Sprockets

Zach Matook is the Director of Marketing at Sprockets, where he leads a team in generating awareness and driving demand for Sprockets’ AI-powered hiring technology. Prior to this role, Zach began his career in higher education and after receiving his masters, he moved on to SaaS marketing and later transitioned into brand management in the music industry. His background includes 10 years of leadership, sales, and marketing experience.