As energy costs soar across the U.S., energy efficiency is more important than ever. The best way to reduce your energy bill, of course, is to use less energy. However, it’s not as simple as turning off the lights when shutting down for the day. To make a real impact, business owners should implement an energy management plan, including equipment upgrades, a proper maintenance schedule, and metering and monitoring technology.

Even then, the question stands: is it worth the time, money, and effort to DIY energy efficiency when perhaps there is a better, less expensive, and more efficient way? Facility upgrades don’t have to be a challenge for business owners. Why DIY, when energy efficiency as a service providers offers their clients free equipment, monitoring, and manpower?

Attendees of this webinar will:

  • How Spencer Hart, multi-unit Sonic and Jersey Mike franchisee, saved time, money, and manpower by working with an energy efficiency partner.
  • What steps are needed to ensure that your restaurant is as energy efficient as possible?
  • Energy efficiency solutions that offer QSRs free energy-efficient equipment, monitoring, and access to your energy consumption data.
  • A breakdown of the costs of installing energy-efficient equipment and technology yourself versus partnering with energy-efficiency experts.


  • Matthew Gantz | Program Director, Budderfly
  • Spencer Hart | Franchise Owner, Sonic & Jersey Mike’s
  • Charlie Pogacar | Custom Content Associate Editor  | Moderator  | QSR magazine