Major economic changes have drastically altered the playing field for QSRs interested in improving their loyalty game. The biggest change is the ever-increasing shortage of unskilled labor that has slowed QSR hiring. These shortages have led to the rapid adoption of new technologies to offset the need for employees. The adoption of these technologies has pushed businesses further and further away from the ideal personalized customer experience that drives loyalty. Our webinar examines this complex loyalty landscape in detail and looks at how executives are responding to the need for new technologies.

Attendees of this webinar will:

  • Understand the impact of current and upcoming labor shortages.
  • Learn how executives are using unattended technology in response to economic shifts.
  • Recognize how unattended technology impacts loyalty program effectiveness and how to combat its shortcomings.


  • Tom Byrnes | SVP of Marketing, PayiQ
  • James Becker | Head of Payments Intelligence®, Business Development, PayiQ
  • Kara Phelps | Custom Content Associate Editor, QSR magazine