Consumer habits are evolving. The National Restaurant Association estimates that currently 39% of all restaurant traffic is “bumper-to-bumper in a drive-thru lane,” and restaurants are innovating to keep up.

From multi-lane drive-thrus, to suburban QSR expansions, digital-only locations, and the growing adoption of voice AI, the industry is turning to emerging technology to drive sales and deliver experiences customers love.

Join us as we ask what the drive-thru restaurant of the future will look like and examine how restaurant technology (and voice AI!) is facilitating a tectonic shift in the way businesses serve their customers.

Attendees of this webinar will learn to:

  • Identify the restaurant technology trends driving the evolution of the drive thru.
  • Understand how voice AI technology can be adopted to enhance the customer experience.
  • Understand where and how new ordering interfaces can support restaurant employees.
  • Share examples of how restaurant technology helps businesses improve productivity and boost sales. 

Mike Lauricella | Head of Channel Partnerships, SoundHound                                                    
Ben Sywulka | Director of Prototype Engineering, SoundHound                                                    
Tanvir Bhangoo | VP, Enterprise Solutions, Toast                                                    
Max Greenblatt | Principal Software Engineer & Enterprise Architect, Toast                                                    
Fiona McEvoy | Director, Corporate Communications, Soundhound                                                    
Charlie Pogacar | Custom Content Associate Editor, Moderator, QSR