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  • With Congress set to tackle financial reform, the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act, an attempt to overhaul the nation’s food-safety system after recent outbreaks of E.

    Bob Evans exeriments with a retail concept called Taste of the Farm.

    Bob Evans restaurants, known for their farm-style menu and aesthetic, are trying out a grab-and-go concept called Taste of the Farm in an effort to update the company’s image.

    Boston Market's Southwest Santa Fe Salad, right, and Mediterranean Salad

    A new lunch menu tested by Boston Market in two markets will be added to the entire fast-casual restaurant chain this summer.

    New York City sanitary inspection grade card

    Last week’s decision by the New York City Board of Health to give restaurants sanitation grades and require them to publicly display their “report cards”

    The $1 double cheeseburger has boosted traffic but decreased average check sizes

    Burger King’s $1 Double Cheeseburger may be on its way out, but the financial problems left by the chain’s aggressive discounting may be tough to sweep away with

    The sweetflow mobile truck in Washington, D.C.

    As mobile quick serves grow in popularity across the country, operators should be prepared for a host of challenges when running one.

    Heinz's new Dip & Squeeze ketchup packet

    After two years of hosting focus groups and interviewing quick-serve customers, Heinz finally has the answer to changing consumer ketchup demands.

    Marketing dollars now promote Bayou State cuisine across the country.

    With the New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl win and Mardi Gras festivities already under way, February promises to be a good month for Louisiana.

    Quick-Serves seek life-long patrons by positioning stores on college campuses.

    The National Center for Education Statistics projects that by 2017 college enrollment of people under 25 will rise 10 percent, making university

    Recent research from Tufts University claims that many restaurant chains inaccur

    As several big chains roll out new healthy offerings for weight-conscious consumers, a recent study found that restaurants often provide substantially inaccurate calorie count

    A Chick-fil-A operator partnered with Games2U to celebrate his location's five-y

    When the Chick-fil-A in the Village at Westlake in West Lake Hills, Texas, held its fifth-anniversary celebration in December, operator Alan Williams decided to hire a compa

    Arctic weather could mean a shortage in Florida-grown fruits and vegetables.

    Freezing temperatures in Northern Florida could wipe out a large percentage of the Sunshine State’s citrus fruit, strawberry, and tomato crops, causing higher prices for

    The UNICEF Tap Project begins March 21.

    Next month, hundreds of restaurants across the country will ask their patrons to pay for their tap water to quench the thirst of people they have likely never met.

    U.S. restaurants large and small contribute generously to victims of earthquake

    In the aftermath of the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti on January 12, the restaurant industry has responded with various fundraising initiatives to help the devastat

    When Stacy Perman set out to research In-N-Out Burger, all she knew was that her family would drive six miles to the closest location when s