Food Safety

Food Safety

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Mayo Moves from Fridge to Table with Increased Sales

2016-06-28 Ketchup and mustard, along with other assorted seasonings, have historically been the condiment grouping on restaurant tables, but mayonnaise was neve...

Pizza Hut's Ingredient Initiative Emphasizes Brand Heritage

2016-05-31 Last year, several major limited-service chains from Subway and McDonald’s to Panera and Noodles & Co.

Chipotle Sales Hit Hard in First Quarter

2016-04-27 Chipotle Mexican Grill reported financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, including comparable restaurant sales that decreased 29.7 perc...

Hospeco Introduces SaniWorks EPS Towels

2016-04-06 Hospeco, a leading manufacturer of facility cleaning and personal protection products in North America, announces its expanded SaniWorks Foodservice T...

Chipotle Struggling to Get Customers Back

2016-03-17 Fast-casual burrito leader Chipotle is still struggling to regain its footing after E.

NRA Acquires National Registry of Food Safety

2016-02-10 Today, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) marked a major achievement in the advancement of food safety training nationwide.

Free Burritos, Employee Incentives Part of Chipotle Turnaround

2016-02-08 Chipotle completed its system-wide shutdown today, closing all locations from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Chipotle Closed 4 Hours Today for Food Safety Meeting

2016-02-08 Chipotle will close all locations today, February 8, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to host a company-wide video meeting on food safety.

Teens and Young Adults Remain Loyal to Chipotle

2016-02-01 Chipotle’s recent series of food safety outbreaks rattled its investors and enough of its customers to see visits decline, but the chain’s strong base...

Searching for the Source

2016-01-21 While Chipotle remains embroiled in a public relations crisis, the long-lauded fast casual still cannot pinpoint the source of its E.