This three-location brand in Philadelphia is more than just a juice and smoothie bar; the health-focused menu also includes bowls, salads, and sandwiches. But this October, when Fuel announced it was putting CBD-infused smoothies on the menu, the beverage category was all anyone could talk about.

Each smoothie in the new line contains a half milliliter of CBD oil, as well as strawberry, mango, apple juice, and banana for the CBD Berry Dream; kale, spinach, honey, pineapple juice, and ginger for the CBD Green Dream; and orange juice, banana, non-fat yogurt, and a French vanilla shot for the CBD Orange Dream.

As one of the first restaurants to offer this naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis—which will make you feel mellow, but not high—as an additive in smoothies, Fuel’s program has taken off. “Guests are loving it,” says Rocco Cima, owner.

In general, smoothies on Fuel’s menu have been doing well. “The lunch hour for work is no longer available at most jobs, and you see many more people moving and shaking as well as working straight through,” Cima says. Smoothies offer guests something satisfying when they might not have the time for a break.

To make eating healthy even easier and more affordable for guests, the brand did a menu overhaul in April 2018 that brought each item down to $10 or below. Plus, two locations now feature facial recognition kiosks to remember past orders and preferences.

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