Starbucks Corporation is strengthening its support for the U.S. military community, including partners (employees) and their families through expanded career development, mental health, and hiring initiatives. The focus areas were inspired by conversations with Starbucks Armed Forces Network (AFN), a partner (employee) resource group that welcomes, engages and empowers Starbucks Veterans, military spouses and advocates.

“At Starbucks, two of our promises that underpin our mission are building a bridge to a better future for our partners and we contribute positively to every community we serve and, our announcements today reinforce these promises from a company grounded in human connection,” says Laxman Narasimhan, ceo of Starbucks. “I had the opportunity to work alongside many partners from our Military Family Stores. This feedback from our partners within our own military community has been invaluable to helping us offer innovative, industry-leading support where they need it most.”

Narasimhan adds, “As part of our announcement, we extend more personalized mental health support, support the celebration of heritage, and provide better pathways to develop careers at Starbucks for our veterans and our families.  We are proud to call our military family members and advocates our partners and welcome the ability to recruit even more of them.”

Supporting our partners

To support career development and mobility for reservist partners and military spouses, Starbucks is providing a new centralized service that connects partners to Starbucks opportunities as part of its transfer policy for partners going through relocation. It is estimated that Military families move every 2.5 years on average. This resource will enable partners and their families to grow their careers within Starbucks, while navigating relocation required by the military.

Starbucks is also building on its work with Lyra Health to ensure veteran partners and their families have personalized mental health support. Starbucks and Lyra are developing a new workshop that will be available to partners and their families later this fall.

“Starbucks has a deep and abiding commitment to supporting military- and Veteran-connected families all year round, and today’s announcement sets them apart as a premiere thought leader in how companies and our communities become stronger by investing in military and Veteran families,” says Kathy Roth-Duquette, ceo of Blue Star Families “We are both deeply committed to ensuring that military families have a place to connect, find support, and build enduring relationships wherever the mission takes them. 

Starbucks will work with its partners, VSOs and community members with lived experiences to inform and develop these programs. 

Supporting our communities

Starbucks today also announced plans to expand its Military Family Store program across the U.S. Since 2015, Starbucks Military Family Stores have been core to advancing Veteran causes, accelerating hiring in the community, and supporting the transition from military to civilian careers. Starbucks current Military Family Stores across the U.S. serve as central gathering places for active military personnel, Veterans, their families and surrounding communities who are often far from their loved ones.

Starbucks aspires to more than double its Military Family Store count, expanding the program footprint to 250 stores by 2025. Starbucks will locate 100 of these new stores on military bases. Of these stores, select locations will be designed to recognize and honor each of the armed forces in unique ways.

“As a member of Starbucks Armed Forces Network, I’m proud to see Starbucks continue to make a positive impact through their support for our military and Veteran community,” says Jeff J., Starbucks AFN executive champion. “These commitments build on other Starbucks personalized resources and benefits for the military community such as the Starbucks College Achievement Plan extension option, up to 80 hours of military leave with full pay and up to 78 weeks of differentiated wage pay for partners called to active duty. The Armed Forces Network looks forward to continuing to advise on these initiatives as they come together.”

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