The world is full of kindness, it just often goes unrecognized with everything else going on. But through its store windows, Starbucks has had the privilege to see partners (employees), customers and communities connect over everyday moments of kindness, in ways both big and small.

Starbucks is recognizing kindness that is all around with a new augmented reality (AR) experience, launching Tuesday, July 25.

Starbucks is inviting customers to explore the new AR experience and discover notes of kindness, photos, videos, and Kindness Cards that can be shared on social media platforms or via text message.  

  • To access the Web AR experience, which combines a virtual world with the real world, customers can use their phone to scan the QR code located on signs inside their local Starbucks. The experience is also accessible through the Starbucks app, on Starbucks Stories, or visiting


  • Why is it important to shine a light on kindness? Studies have found that performing acts of kindness improve individual well-being and lead to a significantly more positive mood. However, most people underestimate the positive impact that their kindness will have on themselves and others. From a thoughtful note on your cup to a sincere “thank you” to your favorite barista, even the smallest gesture can have a big impact.


  • Starbucks also teamed up with Headspace to create a collection of four new meditations on kindness, in addition to a free 2-month Headspace membership for Starbucks Rewards members (offer valid July 3 – 30).    
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