Tractor Beverage Company, the first and only certified organic, non-GMO beverage company dedicated to foodservice, is launching its debut consumer ad campaign that takes industry monoliths head on.

Farmer-founded, the Tractor team is on a mission to create a cleaner, healthier planet, one drink at a time. Proudly served in over 5,900 locations across all 50 states including Chipotle, PLNT Burger, Kevin Hart’s Hart House, WOWorks’ Saladworks, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh and more, Tractor’s thoughtfully crafted drinks feature clean ingredients that deliver on taste, functionality, and experience, without any of the bad stuff.

But being the new beverage company on the block is tough in a competitive environment with limited fountain space and a QSR landscape dominated by legacy soda conglomerates. Taking on the role of David against these Goliaths, Tractor has grown rapidly from local eateries and chef-driven concepts to larger partners and channels looking for something exciting to serve their guests. But with industry monoliths taking notice and attempting to prevent Tractor’s expansion, the brand decided to take their mission and their message directly to consumers.

“From the start, it’s been our goal to be a catalyst for democratizing organic in our quest to create a more accessible and sustainable food system. We’re out to disrupt foodservice by making organic beverages, often viewed as out of reach for many, available and accessible to all, wherever they eat out of home,” says Kevin Sherman, Chief Executive Officer for Tractor Beverage Company. “Tractor entered the arena with giants and legacy brands, knowing enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be intimidated. We believed that our business model could make a difference on our farms and in our communities, which is why we’re taking our vision straight to the consumer with this new ad campaign.”

Tractor’s new disruptive ad campaign will run nationally on connected TV, in digital streaming, cinema and out-of-home this summer. It was created by Progress Studios, a new agency formed to work with progressive challenger brands, who are committed to transforming traditional markets.

The star of the new campaign is “Escape the Ordinary,” a :90 second spot (also available in :30 and :15 versions) launching July 10 that taps into the spirit of the organic brand with animation that is all hand drawn, lending a beautifully organic and very tactile nature to the visuals. “Escape the Ordinary” tells the story of a cup that dreams of a deliciously beautiful world, but is stuck in a dystopian cityscape populated by only four different kinds of drinks – a representation of the limited beverage choices available at standard quick serve restaurants. 

The soundtrack features Duran Duran’s beloved ‘90s ballad “Ordinary World” – the first time the song has ever been licensed for commercial use – in a fresh interpretation performed by Valerie June, a Grammy-nominated artist from Tennessee. Directed by Andy Baker and produced by Hornet, a multidisciplinary production studio with two decades of experience producing award-winning work, the spot is undeniably classic yet completely contemporary. 

“Today’s consumers have beverage options everywhere except in foodservice, where legacy players and restrictive contracts limit their choice to artificial sodas brimming with high fructose corn syrup and preservatives–or a cup of water,” said Justin Herber, Tractor’s Chief Brand Officer. “With this campaign, we’re letting people know that they don’t have to accept the same choices they have been given for the last 50 years. Tractor is here to fill their cup.” 

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