At this Asheville, North Carolina–based concept, the biscuits aren’t messing around. “Our biscuits are 5-ounce cathead, just massive biscuits,” says Jason Roy, co-owner. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get a bit messy. Loaded-up brunch-inspired delights include the Mimosa Fried Chicken biscuit with sriracha coleslaw; a brined-and-fried, locally sourced chicken thigh; sweet potato chai butter; and a poached egg. “It’s not really a sandwich that you want to take with you on the go. You want to eat it in the space, because it’s pretty big, messy, delicious, sloppy, and fun,” Roy says.

Guests can choose the classic bacon, egg, and cheese combo, or customize it with 18 additions/substitutions to, say, make it a fried catfish and cheese biscuit with a side of gravy. Inside the fast casual, diners will find a customizable biscuit heaven, with a jam bar featuring 13 flavors of homemade jams, six hot sauces, and a variety of compound butters, plus local honey, molasses, and sorghum.

“Our uniqueness comes from taking chef-driven creations and putting them in a biscuit, really creating a balance in flavors and techniques,” Roy says. But the brand’s uniqueness also comes in the restaurant’s highly efficient form of fast-casual service that refuses to skimp on quality. For a concept open only seven hours a day, the restaurant can regularly serve about 900 people in that time. Once guests have made it through the line, though, there’s always a seat waiting inside. “The whole concept was created to alleviate long brunch wait times,” Roy says.

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