The signature burger at 92-unit chain Farmer Boys involves two beef patties topped with cheese, double-smoked bacon, a hand-smashed avocado, veggies, and Thousand Island dressing on a locally baked sesame seed bun. The restaurant’s 100 percent beef burgers are made from bulls and steer specifically bred to produce high-quality beef. “We feel strongly that they make the very best burgers,” says Kristy Foster, vice president of supply chain and R&D. “We certainly could buy cheaper beef, but we don’t.”

Beyond churning out delicious bites with the proper cooking and plating techniques (burgers are piping hot; salads are crisp and cold), Farmer Boys also prides itself on exceptional service, offering a “warm farmhouse reception” to guests. “Our staff is schooled in hospitality,” Foster says. “We encourage them to greet our customers fondly and sincerely.”

Farmer Boys recognizes there are a lot of trends in the burger category and tries to offer a little something for every diner, from the classic soft-bite Natural Cheeseburger with a hand-smashed patty to the more topping-heavy Barn Burner featuring fried jalapeño hot wheels and the brand’s veggie burger with a mix of health-packed ingredients like sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, celery, spinach, and sunflower seeds.

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