“We were inspired by the use of popular cereal that local L.A. doughnut shops were using on their doughnuts. We thought, why not use it in a pie? We wanted to
create a pie that felt like cereal and milk, because who doesn’t love that combo?

“Becky, our founder, had an amazing recipe for a house-made cheesecake, so we decided to use that as a base for the ‘milk’ part. Fruity Pebbles are so much fun to use and taste delicious. Of course we have to top the pie with even more cereal, so people really love the extra crunch of cereal that provides. 

“Customer response has been incredible. It’s such a unique item and allows our customers to go back to their childhood, as it invokes nostalgia. This pie is just fun to enjoy and very Instagram-friendly. Though pie is a classic dish, we’ve found that our customers love unique twists on their favorite foods. We strive to invent pie you can’t find anywhere else. Thus, when we expand into new markets, we
are bringing along items people haven’t seen before.”

—Lindsay Hollister Heffner

Cofounder, The Pie Hole

The Players:

• Fruity Pebbles

• Frosted Flakes

• Nilla Wafer crust

• House-made cheesecake

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