While plenty of creative taco shops have sprung up around the U.S. in the last 20 years, Jimboy’s Tacos has been around since 1954, when it opened as a food trailer run by Jim “Jimboy” Knudson in Kings Beach, California.

CEO Robert Andersen says Jimboy’s has become a household name in Northern California by keeping to the same ingredients and cooking methods—including making everything to order—for six decades. That also includes the brand’s signature touch, which is grilling its tacos and then dusting the tortillas with parmesan cheese.

The Jimboy’s menu features protein options like ground beef, chicken, steak, and wild Pacific cod, and there are also options like the spicy veggie tacos and bean tacos. There are outside-the-box menu items, too, like the Tacoburger with a hamburger patty, lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, mustard sauce, and sliced dill pickles. Then there’s unofficially the Taquito Burrito, which was developed by food bloggers and includes three crispy taquitos inside a grilled burrito.

“It’s gone viral on social media, and while the Taquito Burrito isn’t on the Jimboy’s menu, we love when our fans play with their food and find creative ways to satisfy their cravings,” Andersen says. “Although this isn’t something we were prepared for, we are doing our best to make sure anyone who is interested in trying the Taquito Burrito gets to do just that.”

Jimboy’s is expanding into Southern California and testing a new menu there, integrating fan favorites with some new developments, including new proteins for the brand, like crispy pork and smoked brisket.

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