Jimmy John’s is launching a brand-new addition to its menu – the Boy Math Catering Bundle. The new bundle makes throwing a party so easy, that it makes absolutely no sense. The promotion is based on a viral TikTok trend with over 113 million views. Boy Math essentially gives reasons to trends and logic that actually… make no sense.

The Boy Math Catering Bundle was created for the guys that want to have their friends over but have only have one pot and pan. For the guys that don’t want to cook because they don’t want to do the dishes. For the guys who want to impress for less.

The Boy Math Catering Bundle will be available online and on the Jimmy John’s app; it features both a small and a large sizing option and includes sandwiches made fresh to order on fresh-baked bread with hand-sliced meats and fresh veggies, chips, premium sides, and of course, desserts! With each bundle, you can enjoy Jimmy John’s Giant Cookies or Fudge Chocolate Brownies.

And since this is such a smart deal, it’s for the girls too. Because the money you save from ordering a catering bundle means you just made money (hello GIRL MATH!).

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