Naf Naf Middle Eastern Grill is aiming to please both heat seekers and spice fans with the launch of a new Spicy Hummus and the new Spicy Chicken Pita. 

The new Spicy Hummus starts with a bright, peppery heat and tons of flavor. You still get the rich creaminess of the Naf Naf traditional hummus, but the spice intensifies with every bite. Need to cool down? Top it off with Garlic or Nafziki sauces for a smooth finish.  The new Spicy Hummus has all the qualities that make it a spice lover’s dream and truly unique to Naf Naf. The brand encourages guests to continue their spice journey by trying the new Spicy Chicken Pita, which has the NEW Spicy Hummus and Crispy Chicken as the featured ingredients. 

“America is falling more in love with spicy food every day. Our customers already love our Harissa and S’khug sauces, so we wanted to take it to the next level by adding that heat to one of our staples. Our new Spicy Hummus is a great way to keep those spice lovers coming back for more. It’s absolutely delicious, especially in our NEW Spicy Chicken Pita. We can’t wait to see how guests enjoy the heat,” says Nico Nieto, Chief Marketing Officer at Naf Naf Grill. 

The new Spicy Hummus and Spicy Chicken Pita are available at all Naf Naf locations starting September 6th, 2023. Spice up your Naf with the NEW Spicy Hummus on the side, on your bowl, plate, or in the new Spicy Chicken Pita. The brand invites guests to get it while it’s hot and enjoy the mouthwatering flavors today.

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