Philly’s Best, renowned for its authentic Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies, introduces a brand-new catering option just in time for football season. Behold the “Big Box of Philly”, which sells for $139.95 for 10 real Philly cheesesteaks or hoagies. These Philly phavorites embody the company’s unwavering commitment to all things Philadelphia, from the iconic Amoroso Rolls to the beloved Herr’s Chips. You can find this big Philly taste offered at all 19 Philly’s Best locations, making it the perfect choice for college and NFL fans looking to elevate their watch parties without the hassle of hosting.

With the cheesesteak box, fans have their choice of mouth-watering steak or chicken, loaded with melted white American Cheese served up in five real Philly ways: Classic, Mushroom, Pepper, Philly’s Best, or Vegetarian. Meanwhile, the authentic hoagie sandwich box presents an array of options including the Italian, Turkey Breast, Philly Club, Cheese Combo, Ham & Cheese or Tuna. Each hoagie is crowned with crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes and a sprinkle of oregano. To complete the straight-up Philly feast, traditional Philly’s Best menu add-ons are also available for catering and include local Philly favorites like Herr’s Chips, sweet peppers, mushrooms, hot pepper and pickle tray, and famed Tastykakes. Fries and/or onion rings may be added for an extra indulgence.

Bob Levey, the co-founder of Philly’s Best, alongside his wife, Andrea, summed it up perfectly, “Two things we can’t stomach, an Eagles loss and a cheesesteak or hoagie not done the right way; the real Philly way. We introduced the Big Box of Philly so people know what an authentic cheesesteak and hoagie, made by people who are passionate about quality, tastes like.” 

All Philly’s Best cheesesteaks are prepared to order on a seasoned flat-top grill featuring thinly sliced steak or chicken breast generously layered with melted white American cheese, all tucked into an authentic Amoroso‘s roll sourced directly from the East Coast. This dedication to authenticity stems from their humble beginnings when Philly natives craving a taste of home opened the very first Philly’s Best in Fountain Valley, California back in 1992. Three decades and nearly 20 locations later, the brand is synonymous with an uncompromising, unapologetic passion for serving nothing but the best cheesesteaks and hoagies.

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