While McDonald’s phases out its Signature Crafted line, it’s preparing to launch a new kind of menu innovation. Per Business Insider, which viewed internal documents, the fast-food chain plans to add four global hits to its U.S. offerings this summer.

In early June, McDonald’s new “Worldwide Favorites,” will include: the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from Spain; the Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands; the Tomato-Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Canada; and cheesy bacon fries from Australia.

Some of these items have already been tested stateside. The Grand McExtreme—a fresh-beef Quarter Pounder topped with McBacon sauce, bacon, Gouda cheese, and slivered onions, piloted in Florida. The Stroopwafel McFlurry features vanilla soft-serve with caramel waffle cookies (stroopwafels) and caramel sauce.

The Tomato-Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich is a Canada favorite that comes with a tomato-and-herb sauce. Cheesy bacon fries were rolled out as a limited-time offer by McDonald’s earlier this year, although it’s long been an international staple.

According to BI, these items will arrive around the same time the Signature Crafted recipes disappear. When asked to confirm the report, a McDonald’s representative said, “Geen commentaar,” or “no comment.”

The internal documents said McDonald’s chose to cut the items to, in part, to “reduce the number of products,” in restaurants.

McDonald’s Signature Crafted lineup was introduced in early 2017. The brand previously said it would focus on operations, removing complexity, and improving ticket times this coming year. Part of that includes cutting back on customizable options and making it easier to deliver on convenience goals.

McDonald’s CFO Kevin Ozan said some of the brand’s slowdown recently, mainly referring to the drive thru, was caused by recent menu initiatives, like All Day Breakfast, fresh beef, and premium products like the Signature Crafted sandwiches, which take longer to make.

McDonald’s often serves international items at its global headquarters restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop.

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