VeganHood, the breakout 100 percent plant-based restaurant and bar located on Harlem’s Restaurant Row, has launched their VeganHood seasoning, sauce and tea product line. Inspiring co-owners, Janine Smalls-Gueye and Lanise Herman-Thomas, who are fulfilling their mission to “veganize without compromise” by serving healthy and delicious vegan Soul Food and Caribbean favorites, have made it possible for customers to enjoy some of these same flavors in their own kitchens. 

A portion of the VeganHood product line profits will be included in their “eat for cause” mission of donating to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that Smalls-Gueye and Herman-Thomas co-founded in 2017, Young Excellence Society, providing Harlem youth after-school and mentorship programs. 

Taste Like “Seefood” Seasoning Blend (in-store and online purchase):

The revolutionary Taste Like “Seefood” seasoning blend is perfect for enhancing vegan culinary adventures expertly crafted to mimic the distinct essence of the sea. With notes of garlic, lemon, dill, and kelp, this versatile seasoning creates a “seafood-like” experience without the need for animal products.

City Island Tartar Sauce (in-store only): 

VeganHood’s City Island Tartar Sauce is a creamy texture with a tangy zip to complement any vegan fish & chips feast and other vegetable-based dishes. With a blend of premium plant-based ingredients, including vegan mayo, tangy pickles and capers, and fresh lemon juice, the City Island Tartar Sauce adds a delicious zing to every bite.

Total Tea (in-store and online purchase)

VeganHood’s Total Tea is a harmonized blend of carefully chosen spices, herbs, and Soursop leaves. This nutrient-packed, antioxidant-rich elixir boosts immunity, aids digestion, and incites calmness. With undertones of warming ginger, fragrant lemongrass and cinnamon, Total Tea is a symphony of flavors to awaken every sense.

SourSop Drink (in-store only):

Soursop Limeade captures the lush essence of the tropics with carefully selected soursop fruits, renowned for their enticing taste and bountiful health benefits. The distinct citrus burst of lime complements the soursop’s subtle sweetness, creating a  well-balanced, energizing and soothing vibrant beverage. Perfect for a warm afternoon refresher or an uplifting morning wake-up.

Beginning their business journey in a ghost kitchen during the pandemic to bring healthy and tasty vegan meals to the neighborhood, the sister entrepreneurs quickly generated six-figures and soon expanded to a full-service restaurant and bar. Open 7 days a week, VeganHood has been ranked on top NYC restaurant lists and recently received a Certificate of Recognition from The City of New York on their success and social impact mission giving back to the community.

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