Velvet Taco announces their second annual Weekly Taco Feature Recipe Contest winner and the winning taco recipe, which will be featured on their menu during National Taco Day on October 4th: The Welly Welly by Bret Schafer.

One of Velvet Taco’s most famous offerings is their renowned Weekly Taco Feature, known as the “WTF.” With a new taco introduced every week, guests have a total of 52 opportunities annually to savor specialty tacos that draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, spanning from beloved comfort foods to global cuisine. On National Taco Day this year, Velvet Taco will showcase one of their guests’ winning recipes as a tribute to their creative and dedicated fans.

Among the talented contestants, Bret Schafer emerged as the winner with his inventive creation, The Welly Welly. The Welly Welly, a playful spin on the classic Beef Wellington, features a Dijon glazed filet, mushroom duxelle, crispy prosciutto ham, red wine demi, and thyme puff pastry in a flour tortilla all for $7.95. This unique taco will be available for patrons to enjoy from October 4-10, 2023.

Says Chef Venecia Willis, “Choosing a winner for our WTF recipe contest is never easy, but this year the submissions were even more out-of-the-box than I could have imagined. Working with Bret Schafer to bring The Welly Welly to life in the Velvet Taco kitchen in Dallas was so much fun, and we cannot wait to hear what our guests think of it.”

Bret Schafer lives outside of Houston and is a long-time fan of Velvet Taco. For the past seven years, he and his husband have become regulars and continuously rave about the famous Red Curry Coconut Queso. Bret found inspiration in Beef Wellington, serving as the vision behind this year’s winning creation.

“The rich flavors associated with a Beef Wellington meal inspired me to create a more portable, funky version in a taco form. Hence, ‘The Welly!’” says winner Bret Schafer. “I’m most excited to gather my friends and family to all enjoy the taco together and finally see one of my many food ideas come to life for all to enjoy.”

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Check out Velvet Taco’s Instagram on National Taco Day for a chance to win a Velvet Taco party pack and margaritas. Also, any member of The Velvet Room that purchases a taco online on National Taco Day will earn 25 loyalty points (one per guest).

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