WaBa Grill announced the official launch of its Boom Boom Tacos, a new handheld way to enjoy WaBa Grill’s signature Asian-inspired flavors with an added kick. The tacos were tested for a limited time earlier this year at more than a dozen WaBa Grill restaurants throughout Southern California. After an immensely successful trial, the tasty tacos are now available at all WaBa Grill locations – served as single tacos or as a taco trio. The single taco is the perfect add-on to any order. It’s also a delicious side option in the Value Bowl Combo. For the launch, WaBa Grill is proudly offering the tacos in mix-and-match trios, allowing guests to sample several proteins at once, hand craft their perfect taco trifecta and experience a WaBa meal in a whole new way.

“Menu innovation will always be a top priority for WaBa Grill as we continue to demonstrate that simple and convenient cuisine can still yield the type of bold and enticing flavors found in our new Boom Boom Tacos, which maintain a long brand tradition of unique options for a tasty, nutritious and protein-packed meal on the go,” says Vivian Mendoza, WaBa Grill’s Director of Marketing. “Our Boom Boom Taco test was so popular that we have added all three test tacos, plus two protein options that were not included in the original test, as permanent menu items, and we are proud to once again deliver on our 15-year brand promise to our many valued guests.”

An unconventional twist on traditional tacos, the secret to WaBa Grill’s Boom Boom Tacos lies in the brand’s use of high-quality, made-to-order proteins. Guests can choose between grilled, all-natural chicken, ribeye steak, jumbo shrimp, organic tofu or WaBa’s 100% plant-based Plantspired steak. Each taco is served in a golden blend tortilla made with corn and flour and topped with crunchy slaw dressed in tangy WaBa Sesame Dressing, zesty green onions and spicy Boom Boom sauce – a deliciously creamy aioli that delivers an impressive kick. WaBa Grill’s standout Boom Boom sauce brings the perfect level of spice, adding to the brand’s already-popular lineup of signature sauces. 

Perfectly complementing WaBa Grill’s existing cuisine, the Boom Boom Tacos join WaBa Grill’s fresh and flavorful bowls, plates and salads.

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