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    Elevation Burger

    Raising the Burger Bar


    After learning that tens of thousands of people die every year from common bacterial infections because of resistance to antibiotics from meat consumption, Hans Hess decided to do something about it. It was time to create a nonfactory farm burger that was antibiotics-free. And in 2005, he did just that with the opening of the first Elevation Burger store.

    “It was personal passion combined with a public health concern,” CEO Hess says about the founding of the chain. Aside from fond memories of searching for the best burger joints in town with his mother, “a lot of the inspiration came from just wanting to have a better burger … a clean burger that didn’t make my stomach upset.”

    From the stores’ building structure to its beef and veggie patties, sustainability is Elevation Burger’s biggest focus, particularly when it comes to families. Hess says that moms, dads, and kids are all Elevation Burger’s target audience, particularly “parents who want their children to have a better product in their little tummies.”

    As organic and sustainable trends gain popularity across the nation, so, too, does the Elevation Burger concept. After five years in business and seven locations to date, the chain continues to expand, with more than 10 locations set to open this year.