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    2016 NRA Show Preview

  • A day-by-day guide to the year’s biggest foodservice conference.




    10 a.m.

    Training Leaders Using Limited Resources

    Training the next generation of leaders is essential for any restaurant’s long-term survival, but finding the money to pay for this training can be difficult. Learn about strategies to improve the organizational, motivational, and communication skills of up-and-coming employees that won’t waste your budget or time. / ROOM S402a

    11:30 a.m.

    Culinary Research: Flavor Trends at Street Level

    Restaurants are serving authentic global cuisines, creative mash-ups, and popular vegetable-centric cuisine. In this fast-paced and highly visual session, chef Gerry Ludwig will highlight the best and brightest new restaurants from his most recent research while also identifying dishes with the best growth potential on today’s restaurant menus. / ROOM S402b