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Marketing Health Conscious

Quick-service operators have a tough task promoting themselves in a market where consumers are increasingly concerned with keeping to a balanced diet. This year began with new healthy eating–based marketing campaigns—a renewed interest in a trend that had taken a backseat to promoting price and value for a while. While healthy eating is far from […]

Death of the Gourmet Burger?

In 2001 famed French chef Daniel Boulud rocked the restaurant world—and he did it with the most unlikely of dishes: the hamburger. Before it became a global phenomenon, the db Burger—a sirloin stuffed with braised short ribs and foie gras on a Parmesan bun that sells for a cool $32—was unlike any burger creation that […]

The Sweet Side of Asian

With its golden sponge cake outside and creamy custard inside, Delimanjoo could be the love child of the all-American Twinkie and a French cream puff. The tiny (about 0.4 ounces each) snack cakes molded in the shape of miniature ears of corn are standard street and subway station fare in South Korea where they were […]

Mass Customization

The growing demand for customization in quick-service can be attributed to consumer insistence on a “me society” and operators’ intense battle for food-share. Customization in fast food began with the burger wars. The early McDonald’s model launched a take-it-my-way attack, with a batch and bin management method of burger delivery. Archenemy Burger King countered in […]