Clean Eatz has released news of the brands latest multi-unit development deal that will bring two new locations to the Boise area. These locations will be the first-ever for the franchise in the state of Idaho, and expectations are already set to expand that footprint exponentially in the years ahead.

Dominic and Lindsay Tapia, the husband-and-wife franchisees responsible for bringing this deal to the market, live with their family in Meridian. Both come to the table with years of experience in the business sector, Lindsay as a human resources and operations professional for major national chains, and Dominic as an insurance executive operating in the environmental protections space. Clean Eatz will mark the first franchise endeavor the couple has embarked on.

“What started as a unique opportunity for my husband and I to be able to go into business together has grown into something so much larger than either of us could have imaged,” says Lindsay. “Clean Eatz will give us the chance to play a positive role and leave lasting impressions on the lives and wellbeing of countless families in the Boise community.”

Clean Eatz has carved out a specific niche for itself within the restaurant space, attracting loyalty not only from fitness enthusiasts, but everyday individuals and families wanting accessible, affordable, nutritious meal options capable of fitting any lifestyle. As the brand keeps up with the growing demand within the health food industry, Clean Eatz plans to plant deeper roots in new communities all throughout Idaho.

“Boise’s population is skyrocketing as the area continues to branch out and develop itself into a leading hub in the Pacific Northwest,” adds Evonne Varady, Co-Founder of Clean Eatz. “Clean Eatz will be able to fill a distinct void that exists in the community, as accessible, affordable, nutritious meal options are not as readily available here as they might be in other parts of the country. Whether it be a dining experience or a meal kit delivery, we can change that.”

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