Ovation, the real-time guest feedback platform for restaurants, announced its partnership with Craveworthy Brands, the groundbreaking portfolio company disrupting the restaurant industry.

With a goal to better measure and act on the guest experiences, Craveworthy Brands, the portfolio company redefining the restaurant industry’s value proposition for consumers and restaurant franchise owners alike, will leverage Ovation’s real-time chat, powerful reporting, and other features to connect with guests and improve operations.

“We are thrilled to officially announce we are an Ovation-powered group, for all of our brands,” says Gregg Majewski, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Craveworthy Brands. “Ovation’s powerful guest-sentiment tool proved wildly successful for our Wing It On! brand, and we’ve been impressed with the team at Ovation and their unbeatable platform. Guest feedback and insights are at the core of everything we do at Craveworthy, and Ovation is the absolute best tool available to gather and deliver them.”

Using Ovation, Craveworthy can now collect feedback seamlessly from more guests than ever before through integrations with other solutions, such as the online ordering platform incentive in the case of Wing it On!, and QR codes conveniently placed on and off-premise. From there, managers can respond to guests’ feedback in real-time, privately resolve concerns, encourage happy guests to leave positive online reviews, and easily act on deep operational insights provided by Ovation’s AI platform.

Zack Oates, Chief Executive Officer of Ovation remarked, “It is awesome to be able to work with such an incredible brand like Craveworthy! I’m excited for the innovations we will build together with their leadership.”

After six months of using Ovation, Wing It On! experienced a 76% increase in reviews per month, a 0.5 increase in average online rating, and thousands of surveys taken.  And because Ovation is so easy and quick to onboard, Craveworthy expects to fully deploy the Ovation tool at the rest of their brands by the end of Q3, this year.

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