Curry Pizza House is marking its rapid franchise expansion with its first Southern California location, which opened on June 24. 

The newest location of Curry Pizza House offers its signature specialty pizzas, appetizers, and sides with its fun and distinctive Indian flair. A hallmark of Curry Pizza House’s cuisine is its creative deployment of spices and traditional Indian flavors with an eye toward fresh ingredients. The crave-worthy Curry Chicken Masala Pizza melds curry sauce with gooey cheese and a smattering of vegetables, while the Palak Paneer Pizza ingeniously combines a flavorful pesto sauce with masala paneer, ginger, and garlic. The Shahi Paneer Pizza with creamy shahi sauce, Achari Gobhi Pizza with white garlic sauce, and the Aloo Chaat Pizza, with house red sauce and marinated potatoes, are other noteworthy iterations. 

The offerings at Curry Pizza House manage to be unexpected, without feeling forced. Additionally, the vegetarian options are numerous and vibrant. For those hankering for something a bit more traditional within the realm of pizza, classic pizzas with flavors such as Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, and Veggie are also offered. Pizzas can be ordered with either a thin or thick crust, and there are gluten-free and cauliflower crust options available. Curry Pizza House also offers a unique take on chicken wings,  marinating them in various curries, spices, and sauces like tikka, achari, and tandoori. Local beers & a variety of wines will also be available along with TVs for game-day watching.

Pioneered by its entrepreneurial founders, Gursewak Gill and Romy Gill, who emigrated to the US from India as kids, the restaurant concept was born of their shared love of pizza. Gursewak and his family have always been, in his words, “pizza fanatics.” Pizza night was a regular occurrence in their household, sometimes up to three times a week. When Gursewak’s wife, Manu, began tinkering with variations on standard pizzas by adding different Indian spices, Gursewak was quick to recognize the business potential. In 2012, Gursewak launched his first restaurant, Bombay Pizza House in Union City, California, emphasizing pizza with an Indian flair. Ten short months after its opening, Bombay Pizza House was destroyed in a fire. Shaken but determined, Gursewak was unwilling to abandon his dream of creating and running a restaurant group. He opened a new location of Bombay Pizza House in the following year. Gursewak brought on partner Gurmail “Romy” Gill. In 2013, the team chose a new name for their restaurant, Curry Pizza House. 

“Our mission at CPH is really simple – we’ve taken pizza back to our roots,” says co-founder Romy Gill. “By making fresh pizza dough daily and employing a variety of authentic Indian flavors, we’re giving guests a way to enjoy a unique take on pizza. I am beyond thrilled to expand Curry Pizza House’s presence to Southern California with such an incredible franchise owner, Anoop Sharma. We jumped on the opportunity to be in the Lake Forest community because of its diverse food offerings and people.”

Lake Forest franchise owner Anoop Sharma and his wife, Shri Ravel, moved to Southern California from the Bay Area in 2021. The couple settled near Lake Forest in neighboring Irvine. Anoop and Shri, longtime fans of Curry Pizza House, had a keen sense that the beloved Bay Area franchise would be a perfect addition to the growing diversity of food offerings in Lake Forest. As the man behind the Curry Pizza House’s entrée into Southern California, Anoop hopes to expand the chain’s appeal throughout the region by creating a restaurant with a strong community presence.

“We are a husband and wife team joining hands to start something new and connect with the local community in Lake Forest. Our goal is to create a space where everyone can come together and feel welcome. We invite the people of the Lake Forest community to join us in cultivating this environment, ” says franchise owner, Anoop Sharma.

This Lake Forest location Curry Pizza House’s existing venues in California and Texas: Bombay Pizza House, Fremont (2012); Fremont, Mowry (2015); Dublin (2017); Milpitas (2017); Cupertino (2018);  San Jose, Evergreen Village (2018); Fremont, Warm Springs (2019); Roseville (2019); Palo Alto (2019); Redwood City (2021); San Jose, Union Ave (2021); San Ramon (2021); Natomas (2022); Manteca (2022); Folsom (2022); Cedar Park (2022); Frisco (2022); Berkeley (2022); and Sunnyvale (2023).

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