Epic Burger announced it has acquired all six Illinois Meatheads’ locations bringing the company total to 11. This delicious deal was inked right in time for Epic’s 15th anniversary, set for celebration on September 15, 2023. 

“We are thrilled to be adding more locations in the Chicago area and other parts of the state,” says David Grossman, CEO of Epic Burger. “In just 15 years, we’ve become a beloved burger destination in the city and the suburbs. With eleven locations, burger lovers, including Epic Burger loyalists and newcomers alike, will have several locations to choose from. And, since it’s our anniversary, current Epic Burgers are serving up a celebratory $5 burger and fry combo deal all day on September 15th.” 

In addition to Epic Burger’s five Chicagoland locations, this newest acquisition represents an expansion into other parts of Illinois. “We want to spread the word about our extraordinary concept and menu,” added Grossman. “Acquiring the Meatheads’ locations gives the Epic family access to a large swath of burger lovers who, if history serves, will come to experience for themselves the ‘Epic’ in Epic Burger.” 

All Meatheads locations will transition menus and signage to Epic Burgers by December 1.

Opening locations in Bloomington and Champaign also gives college students an opportunity to supplement mundane university meal plans with Epic Burger. “If you’re a student, having access to a delicious gathering place— whether you’re meeting friends after a football game or taking a break between studies—can truly enhance the college experience,” said Grossman. 

In addition to its well-known burgers and fries Epic Burger’s menu also includes grilled chicken sandwich, Beyond Burger, turkey burger and the newly launched fish sandwich. “As our tagline suggests, we’re always mindful of the ingredients we use and the items on our menu,” says Grossman. “Plus, we really have something for everyone.” 

Known for offering “a more mindful burger,” Epic Burger’s meats (beef and chicken) are certified halal. Their bacon is nitrate-free and eggs are cage-free and pasteurized. “Our premium cheeses come from Wisconsin though we always try to source locally. Naturally, our packaging is biodegradable,” adds Grossman. 

Part of the company’s mission is to stimulate on the ways that food is raised, grown, transported, processed and packaged. “We chose the most iconic of American meals—hamburgers and French fries,” says Grossman. Preparing these items without drugs, artificial colors and flavors, nitrates, phosphates, preservatives and numerous other additives found in our everyday foods, we can make it taste truly delicious.”

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