“Of all the cheeses out there, the amount you can put inside of a sandwich that will melt well is very small. You can really only work with cheeses that are going to melt and be gooey in a couple minutes. And we like to stick with cheeses that people are pretty familiar with. The cheese has to be good on its own, and then we find ingredients that match that cheese, rather than the opposite.

“The Green Muenster was something I came up with in college that I would make for myself. We have a secret thing we do with the guacamole that makes it super tangy and has a really nice lime presence. I knew the guacamole was on point, and I was like, we have to incorporate this sandwich on the menu. When we first opened, a lot of people thought it was the weirdest combination. But we’ve converted a lot of people.

The Players:

• Muenster cheese

• Bacon

• Guacamole

• Iggy’s Organic
Pain de Mie bread

“The Muenster is really mild, but nice and buttery. It has that American cheese melty profile. The bacon is salty, and nice and smoky. The guacamole is super bright. The lime and onions and cilantro in it really brighten the whole sandwich up. It’s a three-ingredient sandwich, but the flavors are kind of all over the map; they just come together really perfectly.

“We get Iggy’s Bread every day. It’s an old-world style bread. One thing you’ll notice about our bread is that the crust is impenetrable. It’s such a sturdy bread that when you bite into it, you get a really nice chew out of it versus anything you get in a supermarket.”

—James DiSabatino

Owner, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

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