“Given our name, guests might assume BEC is a one-trick pony, serving a single, iconic menu item: the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. While our BEC Classic is a bestseller, we have a whole stable of winners. In addition to our BEC Classic, we offer several other made-to-order specialty egg sandwiches, along with salads, sides, and beverages, including beer and wine. Every sandwich represents a different take on the Classic, with unique flavor profiles created by pairing organic eggs (served over easy, with a perfect runny yolk) with high quality, locally sourced meats, cheeses, vegetables, and homemade sauces and spreads, as well as handcrafted breads, baked daily.

“The Chelsea Lo-Cal is a lighter alternative to the traditional bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. It comes with two organic eggs, turkey bacon, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers, Greek yogurt, and our homemade walnut pesto sauce. In comparing this to our BEC Classic, we use turkey bacon instead of applewood smoked bacon, veggies instead of cheese, and multi-grain toast (which gives the sandwich a nice crunch) instead of our signature bacon-and-cheese-crusted brioche bun. The result is a delicious, lighter take on an egg sandwich. For those who want to go even lighter, we offer the option of having the sandwich (or any of our sandwiches) served in a bowl over a bed of spinach and kale.

“The name ‘Chelsea Lo-Cal’ is a double entendre. It is a lighter and less caloric (i.e. low-cal) sandwich than the traditional BEC, and we are located in Chelsea in Manhattan, thus it is our ‘local’ specialty. It is one of our most popular menu items that surprises and delights guests every day. After trying our Chelsea Lo-Cal, we’re confident you’ll never think of a BEC in the same way.”

—Jessica Bologna

Founder, BEC

The Players:

• Two organic eggs

• Turkey bacon

• Broccoli rabe

• Roasted red peppers

• Greek yogurt

• Walnut pesto sauce

• Multi-grain toast

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