“As cooler weather was approaching, we were looking for a comfort bowl that customers could feel good about eating. And anything as crazy sounding as ‘sofritas’ must be delicious.

“We were exploring flavor combinations to expand upon our vegan menu items, and the Latin American flavors in the Veggie Sofritas Bowl just seemed like a winner. Once we actually took the concept and turned it into a reality, it confirmed our suspicions and we ran with it.

The Players:

• Beyond Meat

• Black beans

• Queso fresco

• Pico de gallo

• Choice of brown rice or quinoa

“We wanted big, bold, bright flavors that were memorable and crave-worthy. The bowl includes a pico de gallo of tomato, pepper, onion, cumin, garlic, and oregano, and Beyond Meat, a plant-based meat alternative. Customers can get the bowl with their choice of brown rice or quinoa as a base.

“For preparation, we like to keep things simple in an effort to ensure a consistent experience. We sautée and caramelize the vegetables to bring out the sweet vegetable flavor and aroma.

“The Veggie Sofritas Bowl is set to roll out in January—our friends and family already love it.”

—George Tenedios

CEO, fresh&co


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