James Vitrano, former CEO of Fat Tuesday, one of the world’s first and largest retailers of frozen specialty alcoholic beverages, and Derek Gonzalez, GOAT Hospitality Group’s founder and CEO, team up to expand a groundbreaking new beverage concept, Frozaritas. As Co-CEO Vitrano, alongside Gonzalez, is responsible for expanding and leading Frozaritas, as well as driving profitability and operational excellence. Frozaritas promises a completely new tequila-based frozen drink experience. Taste the best frozen margarita in the world, prepared with proprietary flavor combinations, and premium agave-based spirits with a laser sharp focus on elevating the quality in the frozen beverage sector.

“As I step into the role of Co-CEO of Frozaritas, I look forward to working with Derek and the team to collaboratively shape the future of this brand,” says James Vitrano, Co-CEO of Frozaritas. “I am excited to contribute to Frozarita’s aggressive growth and to chart new horizons alongside this amazing team of dedicated individuals.”

With over two decades of hospitality experience, Vitrano has successfully overseen many food and beverage operations at an executive leadership level specializing in legal, executive, employment, and franchising. Vitrano was CEO, president, COO and a member of the board of Fat Tuesday — one of the world’s first and largest retailers of frozen specialty alcoholic beverages. During his tenure, his team created a dual-brand franchising system; nearly doubled EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) despite a global pandemic; and delivered over 80 percent new store/pipeline growth. James successfully led the nine figure sale of the company for the founding family to a strategic buyer.

“I am thrilled to welcome James as one of our leaders at Frozaritas. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and working together to push our brand to new heights,” says Gonzalez. “James brings a wealth of experience as well as an innovative approach that aligns with our values and aspirations. Our team looks forward to his fresh perspectives and expert industry insights and are confident that we will achieve even greater milestones such as reaching our target of 400 store openings, both nationally and internationally by 2028.”

The concept is positioned for success, thanks to Vitrano’s brand-building experience and Gonzalez’s strong track record in concept development. Signature Frozaritas flavors include Frosé-Rita, Classic Frozarita (Classic Margarita), Mango-Rita, Raza-Rita, Berry-Rita and Pina-Rita.

Both executives are passionate about giving back to the community. GOAT Hospitality Group employs individuals with special abilities and Frozaritas intends to do the same, working with organizations dedicated to creating positive social change. GOAT is the force behind brands such as Nathan’s Beach Club, Pilo’s Street Tacos, Pilo’s Tequila Garden, with other concepts coming later this year. Pilo’s is one of the largest employers for individuals with special abilities in the hospitality sector. People with special abilities make up the largest minority in the U.S. and it is committed to shattering the disability employment gap.

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