Next Brands, a family-owned strategic manager and growth accelerator of impactful food franchise brands, is growing rapidly. As a part of this growth, the brand has its sights set on the Phoenix, Arizona market for expansion further into the western region of the United States. Specifically, Next Brands’ Midwest-based brand, Beef-a-Roo, hopes to be serving up affordable, fresh meals to the Phoenix market.

Beef-a-Roo has experienced impressive growth in recent months, doubling its number of locations in just a year and a half. Currently, the brand operates at 14 locations, four of which are corporate locations in Springfield and Kansas City, Missouri, and Manhattan and Overland Park, Kansas, with three additional locations in development.

“We are thrilled by our continued growth, and we hope to continue the trajectory in our current markets and enter new markets,” says Austin Capoferi, President of Next Brands. “Phoenix presents a great opportunity for Beef-a-Roo to serve a new community and increase our brand’s presence in a new region of the country.”

One major factor that has assisted in Next Brands’ rapid growth is through its new innovative modular container location concept. The multi-brand franchise is creating an inventive approach to spearhead rapid franchise expansion by using low-cost shipping containers to help quickly open a complete, fully operating restaurant locations and cutting development time by half. With the new cutting-edge location concept, Next Brands can strategically grow at a faster rate, and franchisees can purchase their new locations for an all-in price of $200,000 and reduce the labor needed to only three to four employees. With the strategic design, the service time is reduced to 3½ to 5 minutes and helps with the processing time of preparing and keeping every ingredient fresh for guests. 

Next Brands has experienced restaurant leadership to enhance the brand’s operational efficiencies, optimize restaurant build-outs, and add more multi-channel experiences to connect with franchisees, customers and communities. Now primed for franchise expansion, Next Brands looks to open ten new Beef-a-Roo locations and launch Blenderz franchising opportunities nationwide while continue growing its multi-brand portfolio. To continue expanding its multi-brand presence across the U.S., Next Brands is actively seeking motivated franchise partners to ensure its company’s growth and success.

“Next Brands is a family-run company, and we are looking to expand our family environment and culture by offering more unique franchising opportunities across the country,” adds Capoferi.  “We are thrilled to expand our restaurant concepts’ footprint and serve high quality and fresh ingredients to more local communities.”

Next Brands is actively looking for experienced entrepreneurs to expand their multiple brand portfolio across the Midwest, Southwest, and Southern regions of the United States. There is a franchise fee of $20,000 with a total investment of $200,000 to $1,500,000.

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