With two locations in Dallas, Street’s Fine Chicken is dedicated to offering guests a range of chicken experiences on the spectrum from fried to non-fried. One of the concept’s most popular menu items is a Rotisserie Fried bird, which was launched as a lunchtime LTO.

“We take our famous Roasted and Toasted half chicken, then buttermilk-fry it in both leg and breast quarters,” says owner Marco Street. The three-stage method for this bird starts with the brand’s signature brine of lemon, brown sugar, and French herbs, then the bone-in chicken is roasted until fully cooked with well-rendered and charred skin. It’s then dipped in buttermilk for a bit of tang and an herb-laced flour blend before a flash fry. The result is an incredibly flavorful and juicy chicken that is a bit healthier than a traditionally fried bird.

Other innovative menu items include the brand’s Chickarones appetizer, which is chicken skin that is fried twice and finished with a Tajik chile-lime salt and fresh lime juice. “We don’t use any flour or dip before frying, leaving a light, airy, and crunchy bite that has all the tang and salty zing to make this pair perfectly with an ice-cold lager,” Street says of the Chickarones.

Street adds that the brand will offer a take on the hot toddy cocktail that incorporates chicken broth.

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