Swig, one of the fastest-growing customized beverage brands in the country and Home of the Original Dirty Soda, has appointed longtime Swig stalwarts to its C-suite. Chase Wardrop is now Chief Operations Officer and Dylan Roeder is Chief Marketing Officer. 

“Chase and Dylan have been indispensable to Swig’s growth and success — and I’m thrilled to lead alongside them as Swig enters its next chapter of growth from coast to coast,” says Rian McCartan, CEO of Swig. “Their knowledge of both the business and the brand is unparalleled, and Swig’s future will be brighter because of it.” 

Wardrop and Roeder’s soda story began back in 2015 when they co-founded The Soda Shop in Arizona. In 2017, the brand was acquired by Savory Fund, a private equity firm that invests in emerging restaurant concepts. In 2018, when Savory acquired Swig from founder Nicole Tanner, The Soda Shop merged with Swig, and Wardop and Roeder became part owners and VPs in the brand.

“I remember the first time I met Dylan and Chase. They were young entrepreneurs just getting started, and I was so impressed with their tenacity and talent,” says Andrew K. Smith, managing partner and co-founder of Savory Fund. “It’s been six years since we partnered, and my first impressions have been confirmed tenfold. It’s been incredible to watch them expertly navigate and dominate their market.”

Swig’s skyrocketing growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In 2022, it was acquired by The Larry H. Miller Company, a Utah mainstay with a diverse investment portfolio. In April of this year, Swig celebrated 50 corporate stores. And late last year, it announced multi-unit franchising, which has been wildly popular and received over 700 inquiries without an ounce of advertising.

“Swig is a special brand with a lot of history — and yet we’re just getting started,” adds Dylan Roeder, CMO. “We’ve got a passionate following and a top-notch team executing at the highest level. Over the next few years, we will take this regional company with 50 units and turn it into a national brand with over 500 stores. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the team that will make that happen.”

“Swig is a unicorn in the making,” says Chase Wardrop, COO. “It’s not often you have the opportunity to be part of a brand with so much white space. I’m excited about the markets we are entering, the franchise partners we are working with, Swig’s passionate follower base, and a team that can truly execute at the highest level. I have been with Swig for six years, and the best is yet to come.”

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