Tattle, the AI-driven survey platform providing the restaurant industry with actionable, data-driven insights into guest sentiment, announced the iconic donut chain, Voodoo Doughnut, will utilize Tattle to measure omni-channel guest sentiment and manage customer feedback.

Founded in 2003, and with nearly 20 locations across the country, Voodoo Doughnut combines imaginative and distinctive doughnut flavors and products, including its award-winning Bacon Maple  Bar, with irreverent branding and marketing. Together, it’s created a passionate fan base, one that generates daily lines out the door, and when a Voodoo Doughnut opens in a new city, lines around the block.

Thanks to the partnership, operators from executives all the way down to General Managers at Voodoo Doughnut will be able to collect direct, private guest feedback through Tattle’s automated survey emails post transaction, which break down each operational category (e.g. Food Quality, Hospitality, Accuracy, Speed of Services etc.) into underlying factors (e.g. Temperature, Texture, Greetings etc.). This way operations, marketing, guest service and culinary teams can identify the highest-impact opportunities to improve guest satisfaction both at a location level and at the brand level. Tattle also uses AI to recommend monthly objectives for each location that have the highest likelihood of boosting guest satisfaction. 

“Delivering best in class customer service is the core focus of Voodoo Doughnut,” says Chris Schultz, CEO of Voodoo Doughnut. “Tattle has become an invaluable tool, empowering our team with valuable insight and actionable steps to accomplish precisely that. It has truly been a game-changer for us,” continued Schultz.

Tattle is an AIdriven, customer feedback technology platform built with an open API that simplifies the guest feedback process. Using artificial intelligence, Tattle measures satisfaction across all-digital ordering channels and then makes recommendations for highly-impactful improvements to operational areas across restaurant locations in order to drive the greatest possible increase in guest satisfaction.

Additional Tattle integration benefits include:

  • Omni-channel guest satisfaction measurement across Dine-In, Takeout, Delivery, Drive-Thru, and Curbside
  • 10% average guest feedback penetration and a 94.7% survey completion rate of a 50-60 question survey
  • Causation-based survey format to identify factors, i.e. Topping Distribution, that negatively impact an operational category, i.e. Accuracy
  • Leverages AI to identify and recommend high-impact operational categories for improvement across each location
  • Automated location-level Monthly Objectives that results in 84% probability of guest satisfaction increase
  • Incident Management System for recovering 1 in 3 guests with email templates and automation


“Tattle’s technology has been a game changer for the hospitality industry, providing detailed data and insights on guest satisfaction to improve operations and elevate the customer experience across multiple channels,” says Tattle CEO/Founder, Alex Beltrani. “We’re excited to continue our growth and partner with more businesses across the country who want to provide best-in-class customer loyalty and valuable insights to improve their business.””

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