“Grain bowls are a great example of what Mixt customers crave: convenient, healthy, unexpected combinations. We’ve grown a sizeable fan base for ancient grains like farro and quinoa since we started offering them in 2015. Next up for us is developing grain bowls with lesser-known grains, like amaranth.

“Mixt offers four chef-created grain bowls (one that changes seasonally) and an option for customers to design their own from a choice of organic farro or quinoa and more than 50 farm-fresh ingredients.

“I created Mixt’s best-selling grain bowl, the Zesty, when we first launched. It starts with a base of organic quinoa, topped with organic baby kale that Mixt has delivered daily from farms located near our nine locations in California. Next we add slices of grilled free-range chicken prepared skillfully by in-house chefs. The secret to Mixt’s grilled chicken: brining and sourcing ethical product from family farms.

“We then add avocado and sweet oranges to counterbalance the tangy notes from feta and our house-made pickled red onions. Shredded cabbage is added to give you a satisfying crunch with every bite. Basil and mint top it off to bring in a final flourish of fresh, aromatic flavors. A lemon-herb vinaigrette is drizzled over the bowl to amplify what I like to call a ‘flavor explosion.’”

–Andrew Swallow

Executive Chef, Mixt

The Players:

• Organic quinoa

• Organic baby kale

• Free-range, grilled chicken

• Feta

• Oranges

• Avocado

• Red cabbage

• Pickled red onion

• Basil

• Mint

• Lemon-herb vinaigrette

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