Toastique, the gourmet toast, juice, and smoothie sensation with 20 open locations, announced a three-unit signing throughout the Twin Cities. On a mission to bring nutrition, health and overall well-being closer to consumers across North America, Toastique has been entering several new markets as entrepreneurs recognize the strength of the brand’s innovative business model, unique consumer offering and simplified operations.

Two such entrepreneurs are Scott and Laura Seabloom, the newest members of the Toastique franchise family and the owners behind Toastique throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.

Scott brings a strong foundation holding corporate roles in the retail technology industry. Laura was in the fashion world until she transitioned her career in 2012 and received her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Studies, her Health Coaching certification, and various yoga teacher trainings. Looking for a way to further align their passion for healthy living with their career, the couple began looking into franchise opportunities, spending several years waiting for the right concept to present itself.

In addition to aligning with the Toastique culture, Scott says the quality and taste of the food was 90% of the reason they were drawn to the brand. 

“When we tried the food, it really became a no-brainer for bringing Toastique to Minnesota,” Scott says. “There are a lot of restaurants out there that have healthier options, but when you take a foundation ingredient like bread or toast and see what they do with it, there is nothing like that near us. This is frankly a place we would both visit if we were traveling as a family. That was really the big selling point.” 

This synergy has led the Seablooms to commit to opening not one but three Toastique locations in the Twin Cities metro area. “We are working on the first location to ensure it fits the demographics perfectly,” Scott said. “But we believe our five-year plan extends beyond these three locations.”

“As we expand our footprint, the introduction of Toastique to the state of Minnesota marks a significant milestone, and we are grateful for the Seablooms for leading this venture,” says Brianna Keefe, founder and CEO. “The consistent rise in health-conscious eating choices has solidified our brand’s promise. We remain devoted to refining our operations, support and menu, ensuring that passionate entrepreneurs like Scott and Laura can seamlessly introduce Toastique’s fresh offerings to their communities.”

Minnesota is just one part of Toastique’s extensive growth plan, making this the first location in the state. As a whole, Toastique has wrapped up the first half of 2023 with five new openings, 27 new signings and entered several markets such as Hoboken and Chatham, New Jersey; Columbia, Maryland; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; and Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

As America’s love for gourmet toast grows — underscored by a whopping monthly spend of nearly $900,000 on avocado toast — Toastique is filling a significant gap in the market, specializing in artisanal toast-based delicacies, all-natural smoothies, cold-pressed juices and açaí bowls. Toastique believes that healthy food should be simple to understand and appreciate, easy to enjoy and above all, accessible to everyone — offering all the benefits of a typical cold juice bar but with the added micro-café toast concept. The brand is healthy, fast-casual food — a rare combination in today’s restaurant industry.

Now, the team is looking for more like-minded individuals who want to bring the wholesome and delicious Toastique experience to their communities by leveraging an impressively scalable and simple business model.

“This is a great way to open a chic, inviting café featuring healthy, all-natural foods that are as wholesome as they are delicious,” Keefe says. “For those who are passionate about health and wellness, with a desire to serve as an ambassador of healthy eating to their community, the time has never been better to join the Toastique family and get in on the ground floor of a rapidly-growing franchise.”

By the end of the year, Toastique locations will open in Newport Beach, California; Tampa and Sarasota, Florida; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Bakersfield, California; and Dallas, Texas. Next year, Toastique anticipates entering Nashville, Charlotte, San Jose, Los Angeles, Michigan, Omaha, Austin, Atlanta, San Antonio and Las Vegas. 

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