Craveworthy Brands announced the appointment of Jeremy Theisen as Chief Growth & Development Officer. With a remarkable 20-year track record leading high-growth start-ups in the restaurant sector, Theisen brings a wealth of expertise to his new role. He has been hailed for developing winning teams through a culture-first mentality and robust training programs. In addition, his skillset has consistently resulted in significant market share gains and successfully pursuing strategies for new market entry, aligning him with top Craveworthy Brands priorities.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Jeremy to the Craveworthy Brands family,” says Gregg Majewski, CEO and founder of Craveworthy Brands. “His expansive experience in both the restaurant and technology sectors will be instrumental in driving development strategies for our portfolio brands. Plus, Jeremy’s proven ability to ignite revenue streams combined with his passion for mentoring teams make him a perfect fit for our organization.”

Theisen has an impressive background as the former Chief Growth Officer at FAT Brands and Chief Revenue Officer of PathSpot. At both companies he achieved exceptional results, accelerating franchise development and delivering substantial revenue growth for operators. He also served as the Chief Sales Officer of Punchh, one of the leading companies in restaurant loyalty and engagement programs.

At Craveworthy, Theisen will work closely with Majewski, serving as an extension of his vision for franchise and brand development. He will also identify investment and acquisition opportunities, and will spearhead the immersion of acquisitions into the Craveworthy Brands platform, positioning them for franchising and revenue scaling efforts.

“I am incredibly excited to join Craveworthy Brands and work alongside Gregg and his talented team,” says Theisen. “With the perfect blend of menu innovation, operational excellence and a commitment to adopting the most efficient restaurant industry technologies, Craveworthy is uniquely positioned to build and inspire brand evolution. We are providing exceptional value for franchisees, and I am eager to expand on the momentum already underway.”

Since its creation in early 2023, Craveworthy Brands has been reshaping the restaurant industry through strategic brand acquisitions and fresh concept development. These brands benefit from Craveworthy’s operational expertise, management support, infrastructure, marketing prowess and purchasing experience. By combining financial stability with the company’s robust capabilities, Craveworthy Brands is paving the way for accelerated growth and unprecedented success.

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