An innovative program encouraging student employees to do their homework while on the clock is being expanded to all Wendy’s, Panera Bread, and Noodles and Company restaurants owned and operated by Springfield, Mo.-based Hamra Enterprises.

“Our company philosophy is grounded in employee opportunity and self-discovery, and nowhere does that count more than education,” said Mike Hamra, CEO of Hamra Enterprises.  “Student employees are an integral part of the Hamra Enterprises family, and this is an important way we can help them succeed at work and in the classroom.”

The Hamra Homework program allows student employees up to an hour of homework time per each qualified shift. Hamra Homework began last year as a pilot program, with 60 participants in 22 locations, mostly in Missouri Wendy’s and Noodles and Company restaurants. The program will now be expanded to include all eligible employees in nearly 200 restaurants across 11 states.

In addition to homework time, Hamra Enterprises’ Good Grades Program will reward employees for good report cards: $300 for straight A’s, $200 for A’s and B’s, and $100 for all B’s – a bonus that has proven to be particularly useful for education expenses including school supplies and activity fees. 

“I’ve worked for Hamra Enterprises for a year and a half, and I’m really grateful for the Good Grades Program,” says Kency Albert, a team member at the Chesterfield, Mo., Noodles and Company location. “It has helped me pay for part of my tuition. I really appreciate Hamra Enterprises offering this program.”

Mike Hamra noted that with college and high school academic years now in full swing, it only makes sense to emphasize the importance of education – and to follow through with tangible support.

“At Hamra Enterprises, we consider ourselves partners in lifelong learning, where we strive to encourage excellence in education,” Hamra says. “We appreciate and value the importance of a quality education, and will be supportive in every way possible.”

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