Honey Baked Ham Co., the leading retail provider of delectable hams and gourmet meals, announced the opening of its newest location in Idaho Falls. The agreement will bring the second restaurant to the state for the brand and feature a reimagined drive-thru model. Owned by Zina and John Chilmark, the new Honey Baked Ham store will be conveniently situated at 3500 S 25th E Suite 1 and set to open in November 2023.  

“This is a momentous occasion for Honey Baked Ham and there is an extra level of excitement when an improved restaurant model opens,” says Scott Temme, Franchise Sales Development Manager at Honey Baked Ham. “We are thrilled that Zina and John are joining the family. They are true examples of what the brand represents and witnessing their excitement to bring the HoneyBaked experience to the Idaho Falls community is inspiring. We are proud to have owners like the Chilmark’s representing our brand and are confident that the revamped drive-thru element will have a lasting impact on future growth potential, accelerate lunch adoption and enable our online pick-up experience.” 

Before joining the Honey Baked Ham family, Zina had been in real estate for almost 20 years while John spent over 26 years building an impressive career as an electrician before transitioning to IT. Within both their personal and professional lives, the duo has a longstanding commitment to giving back to their community and have spent years helping those around them turn their worst days into their best days. They plan to continue their giveback efforts as Honey Baked Ham owners through sponsoring local sporting events as well as becoming members of the Idaho Falls chamber of commerce. 

“We are so honored to be the first franchisees to launch the reimagined drive-thru model for Honey Baked Ham, signifying growth for the brand’s tech-driven operations,” says Zina Chilmark. “This new aspect offers more convenience and provides a great opportunity to promote a unique guest experience. We’ve been fans of the Honey Baked Ham brand all our lives and wholeheartedly believe in its mission and values. Not only does HoneyBaked allow us to pursue our passions of business ownership, but it also allows us to introduce our community to an exciting, yet familiar restaurant concept.”  

Driven by a commitment to providing exceptional products and cherished experiences, Honey Baked Ham has become a household name with a loyal customer base. Through the freshly made ham, turkey and sides, Honey Baked Ham has cemented themselves as the industry-leading forerunners for gourmet meals, celebrations and everyday enjoyment. 

In addition to the legendary ham, Honey Baked Ham takes pride in presenting freshly served and made turkey breasts as well as an array of specialty meats that have become a symbol of shared celebrations and cherished family moments. The concept features multiple revenue streams for operators highlighting the diverse products that are offered between lunch and dinner.  

Honey Baked Ham is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join its thriving franchise network. The brand encourages scalability, long-term growth and active community involvement in its franchisee candidates. By capitalizing on its unrivaled products, proven business model, and comprehensive support system, Honey Baked Ham is set to revolutionize the franchise industry while ensuring a glazing path to success. 

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