In a celebration of the best of the best, Biscuitville Fresh  Southern announced the winners of its 2023 Biscuit Bake-Off Competition. Team  Members Anareli Valdez Hernandez and Adela Serrano Morales from the 2619 Alamance Road  Biscuitville restaurant in Burlington have taken home the coveted title this year.  

Biscuitville’s annual Biscuit Bake-Off features multiple rounds of competition between  employee biscuit makers from the more than 70 Biscuitville restaurants in North Carolina,  South Carolina and Virginia. The bake-off competition starts in the spring, beginning at the  biscuit makers’ home restaurants and concluding with the final two crew members and final  two managers competing against one another in the championship round in May. Biscuitville  announced the winners at the company’s annual employee celebration held June 20. 

“The Biscuit Bake-Off Competition is a great reminder of Biscuitville’s unwavering commitment  to providing quality, made-from-scratch biscuits to our guests,” says Jeff Linville, Biscuitville’s  Chief Operations Officer. “Our biscuit makers go above and beyond to ensure we’re serving  Fresh Southern food, so we’re grateful for a chance to spotlight their talents.” 

The Alamance Road Biscuitville biscuit makers competed against Team Members Paul  McCrea and Greg Slaughter from Biscuitville’s Lynchburg, VA, restaurant.  

Throughout the competition rounds, judges evaluated the technique and speed of the biscuit  makers, as well the size, color and taste of the final product to see which team members best  demonstrated they had mastered the skillful craft of biscuit-making. 

Winners of the Biscuit Bake-Off not only receive bragging rights, but a prize of $2,000 each.  Additionally, runners-up receive $1,000. 

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