August will be a turning point for Bojangles, a brand with more than 40 years of history.

On Monday, the Southern chicken and biscuits chain relaunched its brand with new advertising, a refreshed logo and packaging, and in-store visuals. Most notably, the new logo removes the apostrophe at the end and emphasizes the “Bo” in reference to the nickname of the chain. The restaurant said new packaging, as updated well as menuboards and team uniforms, remember the brand’s origin while also being fresh and modern.

In conjunction with the rebranding, Bojangles announced a partnership with future NASCAR Hall-of-Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr., who lends his voice in a new TV spot.

Bojangles CMO Jackie Woodward gave QSR a deeper look into the rebranding process and what role it will play in the chain’s future.

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Take us through the ideation process for the new logo. What were some factors that played into the redesign, and what were the goals?

Bojangles evolved our logo to create more distinctiveness through an ownable, timeless design that leverages the colors it’s been known for over the last 40+ years. The majority of consumers, who participated in our focus groups, preferred the new logo. They said it strikes the perfect balance between incorporating Bojangles’ heritage and moving the imagery forward.

How did the COVID pandemic impact the process, if at all?

The pandemic shifted timing for our relaunch as we focused on the health and safety of our team members and customers and doubled down on providing convenient options with drive-thru and delivery, but we believe now is the time to introduce our fans to a modern Bojangles that provides delicious Southern meals for the whole family at a great value.

How do you feel the new logo and food packaging elevates Bojangles as a brand?

What we feel isn’t as important as what our research told the team. Focus groups confirmed the logo and food packaging give the brand a next-generation look while staying true to our past.

Describe the partnership with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and in what ways his personality and career mesh with Bojangles and its rebranding?

Bojangles and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have a lot in common, including our Carolina roots! Additionally, we both serve key needs for families across the South—Bojangles with its delicious food and Earnhardt with his position in sports and entertainment.

In addition to the TV spot, in what other ways does Bojangles plan to leverage its new relationship with Earnhardt Jr.?

The brand and racing legend are also friends online, as seen in the tweets the pair exchanged over the weekend and today. Follow the brand and Earnhardt on all social channels for more ways to engage.

What made this the right time to roll out the rebranding?

There’s no question that the last several months have been challenging for businesses and consumers alike, but Bojangles is seeing our audience crave fun distractions and new solutions to the challenges everyone is facing. The brand relaunch does that through the fun with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the new positioning of the family meals Bojangles has offered for decades.

With the rebranding, how does Bojangles want to position itself in the eyes of the consumer? What’s the main message the chain wants to convey both to frequent and new customers?

Bojangles is all about our real recipes made the real way (no microwaves!) that lead to bold, full-flavored Southern menu items. Food, like life, should never be bland, and Bojangles wants frequent fans and new guests to know they can rely on our restaurants to make meal time delicious and fun.

As the rebranding brings in new guests, what’s the key to retaining those new consumers and transitioning them into core customers?

Bojangles restaurants have to deliver on the experience the brand’s marketing promises so the operations team is focused on making each and every guest’s experience exactly what they expect—real deal Southern flavor served with a heaping portion of hospitality. 

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