Burger King made another playful jab at McDonald’s with the release of its new Big King XL burger. The company boasts that the Big King XL has 175 percent more beef than the Big Mac. Burger King swapped out the third bun for more meat allowing the Big King XL to have more than a half pound of beef in each burger.  

The massive burger, which is now available nationwide, is topped with melted American cheese, sliced onions, zesty pickles, crisp lettuce, and Burger King’s special sauce on a toasted sesame bun.

Burger King’s fun didn’t end with a new burger on the menu. Last year, McDonald’s distributed the MacCoins in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. However, as of December 31, the MacCoins expired and can no longer be redeemed for a free Big Mac. Burger King announced that customers can bring in their expired MacCoins to select Burger King locations in Chicago for a free Big King XL on January 18.

This latest Burger King promotion is a continuation in a series of playful digs towards its competition and more specifically, McDonald’s. Last December, Burger King debuted a new app and a special deal where guests could order a Whopper for 1 cent. But the catch was customers had to order it at a McDonald’s.

As a part of the Whopper Detour deal, customers didn’t actually walk into a McDonald’s and place an order, they just needed to be near a McDonald’s to order the burger. Using the revamped BK app, customers are able to get the 1-cent deal when they are within 600 feet of a McDonald’s.

The company used geofencing technology around McDonald’s locations nationwide to allow customers to unlock the deal. The order-ahead capabilities could be unlocked at almost all of McDonald’s 14,000-plus locations.

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