The historic storming of the Bastille comes alive as guests are invited to embark on a captivating journey through the streets of France. La Boulangerie Boul’Mich, the renowned French bakery café with a Latin twist, cordially invites all loyalty rewards members to partake in the vibrant festivities honoring French freedom. Marking the calendar for Friday, July 14th, promises an enticing offer: Any specialty coffee purchased on Bastille Day, such as the classic Americano, Nutccino, Dulccino and more, comes with a delightful, freshly baked everyday croissant as a complimentary gift. 

Bastille Day holds great significance in French history, commemorating the momentous event of July 14, 1789. On this historic day, the people of France stormed the Bastille, a symbol of oppression and tyranny, marking the beginning of the French Revolution. It became a symbol of the people’s triumph over suppression of speech and their relentless pursuit of freedom and equality. Bastille Day is celebrated with immense pride and joy throughout France and by people around the world who appreciate the spirit of liberty and the power of unity. 

Corinne Farkash Mizrahi, the Chief Marketing Officer of La Boulangerie Boul’Mich, expresses enthusiasm, saying, “Bastille Day is a celebration meant to unite all communities together. It is an opportunity to showcase the true essence of La Boulangerie Boul’Mich and transport our guests to the heart of France for a day. This offer serves as an expression of gratitude to our loyal guests while encapsulating the rich culture and traditions of the French. Guests can revel in the captivating ambiance of each location as they savor our heavenly specialty coffees and indulge in our flakey, buttery croissants, crafted fresh daily.” 

Amidst the charm and character, guests at La Boulangerie Boul’Mich can indulge in a diverse range of handcrafted pastries, heavenly, baked everyday croissants, sandwiches, fresh salads and much more. This beloved bakery café offers traditional delicacies infused with modern flair, satisfying the palates of both locals and tourists. Whether it’s the croissants that melt in the mouth or the perfectly brewed specialty coffees that awaken your senses, each bite and sip at La Boulangerie Boul’Mich™ elevates and celebrates the fusion of French and Latin flavors. 

Every visit to La Boulangerie Boul’Mich is an experience that evokes the essence of French culture and tradition. The meticulously decorated locations transport guests to the romantic streets of Paris, enveloping them in an enchanting ambiance. Parisian flags flutter in the breeze, and the aroma of freshly baked pastries fills the air, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and captivating. It’s the perfect setting to celebrate Bastille Day. 

This offer will be available during regular business hours, both in-store and online, at all La Boulangerie Boul’Mich locations. To enjoy this limited-time offer, loyalty rewards members need to present their membership offer and redeem it at the time of purchase. Not a loyalty member yet? Visit their website today to take advantage of this offer.  

Join La Boulangerie Boul’Mich on July 14th and create cherished memories while celebrating this significant French holiday, all while relishing the flavors that have earned La Boulangerie Boul’Mich a special place in the hearts of many.

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