As part of its ongoing brand refresh that launched with last year’s Fresh Forward restaurant design, Subway announced it is updating its food and beverage offerings through its Fresh Now platform.

Fresh Now features new sauces, flavors, and beverages available for customers to further customize their Subway meal.

The new Signature Flavor Stations offer toppings like the Sub Spice blend, Mustard Seed Spread, Herbs & Lemon Seasoning, Subway Signature Herb Garlic Oil, Provencal Herbs, and sea salt and black pepper. And the Fresh Pour Beverage Stations feature Watermelon Agua Fresca, Passion Fruit Agua Fresca, Homestyle Lemonade, Green Tea, and Unsweetened Black Tea.

James Walker, Subway’s vice president of North America, said in a statement that Fresh Now is the next step in modernizing Subway.

“The program lays the foundation for us to layer on new elements and explore new flavors—from the new refreshing beverages to the exciting sauces and freshly cracked spices in the Signature Flavor Station—while delivering an enhanced customized experience to guests,” he said.

Four new sandwiches were tested in San Diego as part of Fresh Now, featuring regional flavors: the Steakhouse Melt with shaved steak, American cheese, onions, green peppers, spinach, and Sub Spice; the California Club with oven-roasted turkey, fresh avocado, and Mustard Seed Spread; the Provencal Tuna Melt with tuna, melted cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and Provencal Herbs; and the Italian Grinder with pepperoni, Genoa salami, Black Forest ham, onions, Subway Signature Herb Garlic Oil, and cracked black pepper.

The new program also features new Sandwich Artist uniforms designed to engage guests, as well as updated menuboards.

Fresh Now was piloted in about 200 San Diego locations and is now in nearly 500 Subway across the country. The company plans to roll it out system-wide by summer of 2019, and Walker said it will be available to eligible franchisees at no out-of-pocket costs. The program is funded by the Subway brand, vendor partners, and existing marketing funds.

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