As this summer heats up, Taco Bell and its Feed the Beat program are kicking off the Unofficial Halftime Show series, a first for the brand and a perfect way to celebrate the biggest matches of the summer. This vibrant online concert series will include three shows featuring three artists everyone needs to know: MUNA, Claire Rosinkranz and Scowl. Fans who tune in will be able to order their Taco Bell favorites before or during the show with $5 off a $20+ delivery order by entering a promo code in the brand’s app.

Feed the Beat

Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat platform is dedicated to supporting rising musical talent and since 2006, has supported more than 1,900 artists and bands. Feed the Beat support can look like providing Taco Bell gift cards to artists to fuel their creative journey, or something bigger: providing the opportunity for these artists to perform on huge stages – like this one. The Unofficial Halftime Show series will captivate fans worldwide with electrifying performances. With diverse musical styles, unique perspectives and awe-inspiring performances, Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat artists are set to leave an incredible mark on the pitch and beyond.

“Feed the Beat has always been about empowering and supporting the voices that shape our culture, and these Unofficial Halftime Shows have a spirit of celebration and empowerment,” said Tim Bergevin, Taco Bell’s Vice President of Influencer and Community Marketing. “We’re excited to give the next generation of Feed the Beat artists the mainstage this summer and shine a light on the incredible talent and strength of the women and non-binary individuals in both the music and sports industries.”


Kicking off on July 20 around 8:20pm PT, the mesmerizing trio MUNA will take the stage, captivating audiences with their genre-bending sound and powerful lyricism. Known for their dynamic performances and thought-provoking music, MUNA is set to energize fans around the world.

Claire Rosinkranz

On July 26th around 6:50pm PT, the talented singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz will showcase her vibrant energy and captivating stage presence. With her catchy pop-infused tunes and relatable storytelling, Rosinkranz is sure to captivate fans of all ages, leaving a lasting impression on this global stage.


Concluding the series of extraordinary performances, Scowl will take the stage on August 5th around 7:50pm PT. This up-and-coming hardcore punk band will unleash their raw talent and infectious energy, leaving fans craving more of their electrifying sound. Scowl’s boundary- pushing music is poised to resonate with listeners worldwide, making them an act to watch closely.

Fans around the world can tune in to the Unofficial Halftime Show performances by MUNA, Claire Rosinkranz, and Scowl on Unofficial Halftime Show viewers who want to enjoy their Taco Bell favorites on selected days can use these promo codes on qualifying delivery orders of $20+ placed directly on the Taco Bell app: on 7/20 – 5OFFDELIVERY720, 7/26 – 5OFFDELIVERY726, 8/5 – 5OFFDELIVERY805. For more information about Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program, visit

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