To celebrate the official start of summer this week, Wendy’s Canada is here to keep things cool with new fresh deals and a new menu item. 

  • New Ice Cold Coffee Deals: $1.99 summer-sized Frosty-ccino and Iced Coffee 
    • Choose Wendy’s Iced Coffee or Frosty-ccino for just $1.99, chilled to perfection for the hot days ahead. Wendy’s refreshing Iced Coffee is slow steeped and blended with cane sugar syrup and cream to be extra rich and super-smooth and served over ice. Can’t decide between the iconic Frosty and needing a caffeine boost? Now you can have both! Order a Frosty-ccino – made with Wendy’s signature iced coffee paired with our iconic Frosty cream in chocolate or vanilla using 100% Canadian dairy.  
  • It’s Officially Frosty Season: 99¢ small Frosty 
    • Your favorite summer deal is back! Cool down with a 99¢ Frosty treat all summer long, available in chocolate or vanilla flavors. It’s simply a spoonful of sweet summer savings in every bite. 
  • New Summer Lemonade 
    • Blueberry Pomegranate Lemonade joins the fan-favorite Dave’s Craft Lemonade lineup today. This refreshing lemonade flavor tastes like summer in every sip with the perfect balance of sweet and fruity with ripe blueberry and sweet flavors, paired with subtle, bright, tart notes of fresh pomegranate. The Blueberry Pomegranate Lemonade tastes as vibrant as it looks, with a unique purple hue. See and taste for yourself! 
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