PizzaForno, North America’s first automated pizzeria that bakes handmade pizza in less than three minutes, has announced their newest partnership with Chartwells Higher Education, a subsidiary company of Compass Group USA, the global leader in foodservice and facilities management services.

As PizzaForno units are ideal for college students being accessible 24/7 at the tap of a digital screen, Chartwells Higher Education saw a perfect partnership opportunity for re-inventing the on-campus dining experience at University of New Orleans.

“With every bite, your taste buds awaken, leaving you craving more. Luckily for you, PizzaForno is always available.” Richard Curtis, General Manager at Chartwells Higher Education at University of New Orleans.

PizzaForno opened its first location on a Chartwells Higher Education campus in September of 2022 at University of New Orleans. The new location was a result of complaints to the university about a lack of food options when the dining halls closed for the day, leading to an automated pizzeria being installed in the students housing part of campus.

“Our first PizzaForno location in New Orleans has been extremely successful, and we look forward to bringing more units to University of New Orleans and other universities in the area,” says Miller Engelhardt, Master Licensee of New Orleans. “Our partnership with Chartwells has allowed us to branch out to other Universities in the area, and has helped us move to higher foot traffic areas on campus, boosting our sales tremendously.”

PizzaForno is growing rapidly and plans to have 25,000 operating units by 2028. The brand prioritizes providing their services in places that would benefit greatly from PizzaForno’s cutting-edge technology and have begun expanding into campuses, hospitals, colleges, businesses, busy street corners, and other areas where foot traffic is high.

“We have indoor and outdoor size units designed to fit just about anywhere and everywhere you can imagine people would appreciate 24/7 access to delicious pizza,” states Les Tomlin, Co-Founder and President of PizzaForno. “This partnership allows us to continue expanding and provide accessible options to students across the nation.”

Easily accessible through PizzaForno’s app, users can check inventory, order, and reserve pizzas for pick-up; providing the ability to order via the app from anywhere in the world.

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